Kirkman, the painter

A.S. Kirkman, son of Ralph Kirkman who brought Kirkman & Sons soap factory to Brooklyn (now Kirkman Lofts), was also a painter. He’s being featured for a piece called Modest In Victory – Magnificent in Defeat! Bill Bonthrom (a Princeton track star).

“This painting commemorates William Robert (Bonnie) Bonthron (1912-1983), track star of Princeton University, in his historic mile run against New Zealander Jack Lovelock in what is considered “the greatest mile of all time” or “the mile of the century”. The race occurred on July 15, 1933 during the sixth annual Oxford-Cambridge vs Princeton-Cornell track meet held at Princeton University. Bonthron broke the world record for the mile that day (setting the record for an American of 4:08.7) but was beat by Lovelock’s 4:07.6 minute mile.”

The painting will soon be on sale; check the Montchanin site for updates.

Read the full description, find video, and find out more at Montchanin Art Research:

Greenpoint’s time is around the corner

Brooklyn has been in the spotlight lately as it comes into its hip identity, with most chatter about Williamsburg. The New York Times spends some time in Greenpoint, with its “grit and quaintness,” and recognizes that with massive plans ahead, it’s on the way to becoming the next “it” place.

“Greenpoint’s residential waterfront quay will ultimately stretch for approximately 13 blocks: “It’s going to be bigger than Williamsburg, it’s going to dwarf Dumbo, and be twice the size of the Long Island City waterfront, like a massive version of the West Village waterfront. It’s going to be nothing like Hoboken: it’s going to be really cool.”

With all of the attention Greenpoint has gained, business and residents are already seeing a change—in people, in goods, and in prices.

Read the full article at the New York Times:

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History predicts market’s future

Forbes sees the housing market slowly rebounding, and looks to history for what’s next. Although prices are still nowhere near the peak from 2006, “an expanded view shows prices now reverting to the mean, or moving back in line with longer term averages and levels since 1975.”

They note that June was the second straight month of quarterly and yearly gains at a national level, and was also lifted since May. If the housing market’s comeback stays on this track, prices at the end of 2012 could see a 4.5% recoup.

In perspective: with low prices coming from an unprecedented peak in 2006-2007, and while prices are on the rise, historically they are on par with historically “normal” rates.

Read the full article at Forbes:

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brownstone prices trend up

The Real Deal Magazine reports that while prices are stabilizing in Brooklyn, inventory is low and Brownstones are inching up in price. According to a Brown Harris Stevens report, median prices in Brooklyn Heights, with a large concentration of brownstones, have risen by 13%.

“Brown Harris Stevens’ report for the borough showed an increase of 13 percent in median prices, to $890,000, in the Brooklyn Heights, Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hill neighborhoods, where many brownstones are located. But despite its reputation as an up-and-coming area, prices in Clinton Hill/Fort Greene dropped year-over-year to $470,000, from $490,000. Prices also fell in the Bay Ridge/Sunset Park area, to $275,000, from $284,000 year-over-year, according to BHS.”

Read the full article at The Real Deal:

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New condos suggest market rebound

Brokers, analysts, and developers are calling a market rebound, but not without a few cautions. New condos are returning to NYC, and our president, Stephen Kliegerman, sheds insight on the market’s forecasted comeback:

“‘I would call it a swell,’ said Stephen Kliegerman, president for new development marketing of Halstead Property. ‘It’s not a wave yet, but it’s certainly not a drizzle either.'”

Although the rebound is nowhere near (and not expected to be) the peak in 2006-2007, supply is getting shorter and a new crop of condos are paving the way for a developer’s market.

Read the full article at the New York Times:

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Humans of New York

We recently learned about The Humans of New York project on Facebook. The page collects artistic portraits of strangers on the street, and their stories, from all neighborhoods and boroughs throughout New York City.

They post a few photos a day and give the back-story behind the photograph, or the people in the shot. Keep up with it everyday to find characters and to see the mix of people that make NYC an amazing melting pot of diversity.

“When I first spotted this girl she was crossing the road with her mother, hand-in-hand. Her mother was wearing a bright blue sari. They made quite a pair.

But when I asked them for a photo, the mother demurred. She didn’t seem distrusting, just shy. She pursed her lips into a smile and started shaking her head slowly. Meanwhile the daughter was nodding her head frantically. She tried to encourage her mother by tugging on her arm. The mother laughed and said: ‘Not me, but you can take a picture of her.’

The girl immediately assumed a self-satisfied pose.”

Check out the Humans of New York project page on Facebook:

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