Kirkman, the painter

A.S. Kirkman, son of Ralph Kirkman who brought Kirkman & Sons soap factory to Brooklyn (now Kirkman Lofts), was also a painter. He’s being featured for a piece called Modest In Victory – Magnificent in Defeat! Bill Bonthrom (a Princeton track star).

“This painting commemorates William Robert (Bonnie) Bonthron (1912-1983), track star of Princeton University, in his historic mile run against New Zealander Jack Lovelock in what is considered “the greatest mile of all time” or “the mile of the century”. The race occurred on July 15, 1933 during the sixth annual Oxford-Cambridge vs Princeton-Cornell track meet held at Princeton University. Bonthron broke the world record for the mile that day (setting the record for an American of 4:08.7) but was beat by Lovelock’s 4:07.6 minute mile.”

The painting will soon be on sale; check the Montchanin site for updates.

Read the full description, find video, and find out more at Montchanin Art Research:

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