Humans of New York

We recently learned about The Humans of New York project on Facebook. The page collects artistic portraits of strangers on the street, and their stories, from all neighborhoods and boroughs throughout New York City.

They post a few photos a day and give the back-story behind the photograph, or the people in the shot. Keep up with it everyday to find characters and to see the mix of people that make NYC an amazing melting pot of diversity.

“When I first spotted this girl she was crossing the road with her mother, hand-in-hand. Her mother was wearing a bright blue sari. They made quite a pair.

But when I asked them for a photo, the mother demurred. She didn’t seem distrusting, just shy. She pursed her lips into a smile and started shaking her head slowly. Meanwhile the daughter was nodding her head frantically. She tried to encourage her mother by tugging on her arm. The mother laughed and said: ‘Not me, but you can take a picture of her.’

The girl immediately assumed a self-satisfied pose.”

Check out the Humans of New York project page on Facebook:

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