Greenpoint’s time is around the corner

Brooklyn has been in the spotlight lately as it comes into its hip identity, with most chatter about Williamsburg. The New York Times spends some time in Greenpoint, with its “grit and quaintness,” and recognizes that with massive plans ahead, it’s on the way to becoming the next “it” place.

“Greenpoint’s residential waterfront quay will ultimately stretch for approximately 13 blocks: “It’s going to be bigger than Williamsburg, it’s going to dwarf Dumbo, and be twice the size of the Long Island City waterfront, like a massive version of the West Village waterfront. It’s going to be nothing like Hoboken: it’s going to be really cool.”

With all of the attention Greenpoint has gained, business and residents are already seeing a change—in people, in goods, and in prices.

Read the full article at the New York Times:

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