Halstead Property Development Marketing Announces Firm’s Rebranding

Halstead Property Development Marketing (HPDM), a leading residential development marketing firm, announced today that it has rebranded. HPDM currently represents nearly $2 billion in real estate across Manhattan and Brooklyn.

A fresh, modern logo is the cornerstone of HPDM’s new visual identity, which will be used across all company marketing materials, including a redesigned website (http://www.hpdmny.com) featuring all of the development properties it represents that are currently on the market. The firm’s new tagline, ‘the craft of new development,’ captures its unique and holistic approach to the new development process.
“Over the past decade, HPDM has partnered with developers – many more than once – on more than 400 projects, representing billions of dollars in sales and over 10,000 new residential units brought to market,” said Stephen G. Kliegerman, president of HPDM. “We have grown tremendously and our new branding better reflects the team’s expertise in every stage of the development process. From the first spark of inspiration to the final closing, our highly specialized team members work side by side with developers through each phase of the process to craft some of the most exciting living environments in New York City.”
A leader in both Manhattan and Brooklyn, the HPDMteam launched marketing campaigns for 13 new developments in 2013 and will have brought nearly 40 projects to market by the end of 2014. Some of the firm’s current projects include: 388 Bridge in Downtown Brooklyn, 19 Park Place in Tribeca, 540 West 49th Street in Hell’s Kitchen, Oosten in Williamsburg, 21 West 20th Street in the Flatiron District, Harbor’s Edge in Sag Harbor, and The Adeline in Central Harlem.

Led by Kliegerman, HPDM’s record of success is attributed to its team’s multiple skill sets, cumulative years of experienced talent, and close collaboration with Halstead Property, an organization which has built its brand into one of the most visible and respected in the industry. Halstead Property operates 30 offices across three states in targeted, high-traffic neighborhoods that serve as a base for over 1,200 active resale and rental agents.
“Steve has been with our organization for more than 16 years and we are absolutely thrilled for this exciting announcement. Over the last 12 years, he has truly dedicated himself to running this division and done an outstanding job with his high level of professionalism and an incredible eye to details. We look forward to the continued growth that comes from Steve and his talented team,” stated Diane M. Ramirez, CEO of Halstead Property and James M. Gricar, President of Halstead Property.
The Halstead Property Development Marketing management team is comprised of Roberta Benzilio, executive vice president; William Ross, director of development marketing; Hunter Frick, director of development marketing; and Robin Schneiderman, director of new business development. Brendan Aguayo, managing director, is the most recent addition to the management team after Aguayo Realty Group joined the company last year. To accommodate its growing team, HPDM moved to a new office located at 445 Park Avenue last month.
Setting HPDM apart from its competitors is the company’s dedicated research team, led by Robin Schneiderman, Lisa Rae Castrigno and Matthew Petrallia, which monitors the latest economic, market and consumer trends – vital for carving out uniquely compelling offerings. Comprehensive market analysis extends throughout the entire development and sales cycle, helping developers optimize site conditions and pricing levels in order to most effectively tailor properties to targeted buyers.
HPDM is also known for partnering with the highest caliber architects, interior designers, creative agencies and public relations firms to position projects for success in the marketplace. By addressing the unique demands and market conditions for each project, the team ensures a higher return and reduced absorption period.
About Halstead Property Development Marketing
Halstead Property Development Marketing (HPDM) is a leading sales and marketing firm dedicated to the craft of new development. HPDM partners with celebrated developers, architects, and designers to create superior building and living experiences of the highest caliber. Having represented billions of dollars in sales over the past decade, the team brings considerable skill, insight and dedication to carving out truly unique properties that benefit residents and developers. HPDM collaborates at every stage of the process, from site analysis to the final closing, crafting substance through the team’s ardent attention to the development process. All properties receive additional exposure through the unmatched domestic and international Halstead Property network. http://www.HPDMNY.com

Interactive Banksy Map

Image via: Banksy NY

Daily Intelligencer has plotted an interactive map with all of the Banksy pieces posted so far through his “Better Out Than In” public show. Every day throughout October, a picture of one of his pieces is posted on the his website with a vague location from around the city.  Fans are encouraged to hit the streets to find the location and take pictures with the work. If you want to catch them all without the guesswork, take a look at the map via NY Mag for exact locations and go on a Banksy tour of the City.


Humans of New York

We recently learned about The Humans of New York project on Facebook. The page collects artistic portraits of strangers on the street, and their stories, from all neighborhoods and boroughs throughout New York City.

They post a few photos a day and give the back-story behind the photograph, or the people in the shot. Keep up with it everyday to find characters and to see the mix of people that make NYC an amazing melting pot of diversity.

“When I first spotted this girl she was crossing the road with her mother, hand-in-hand. Her mother was wearing a bright blue sari. They made quite a pair.

But when I asked them for a photo, the mother demurred. She didn’t seem distrusting, just shy. She pursed her lips into a smile and started shaking her head slowly. Meanwhile the daughter was nodding her head frantically. She tried to encourage her mother by tugging on her arm. The mother laughed and said: ‘Not me, but you can take a picture of her.’

The girl immediately assumed a self-satisfied pose.”

Check out the Humans of New York project page on Facebook:

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Get to Know: Blue Bottle Coffee

While many of you have probably already indulged in California’s amazing import, Blue Bottle Coffee, what you may not be aware of is the special feature of their Chelsea outpost.

On the second floor is a 6-stool coffee bar that looks more like a science lab called Siphon + Toast Bar that allows you a front row view into a technique that was once only found in quaint little Tokyo coffee bars.

We were blown away watching our barista at work yesterday – measuring everything on a scale and heating the water on a halogen burner. Not a spec of sugar or a drop of milk and it was truly perfect!

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