There are quite a few tricks of the trade when it comes to getting your residence ready for the market. Modifying closets is one valuable addition you can make, but did you know replacing doorknobs and locks can also help add value to your home?







Buyers want to check every nook and cranny before they settle into a place they love, so why risk having them turn down your home over some flimsy locks and doorknobs? The doorknob is the first thing a potential buyer feels when they enter your home so making sure their first encounter is solid can sometimes be the difference between a sale or not.

If your budget allows it, replacing finishes can also help boost value. Simple polished chrome or brass can give your home a sleek modern look without significantly increasing costs.

If you are selling or looking for a new home, consider these helpful tips before making any big decisions.

Image + Article Source: The New York Times [Read Full Article Here]

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