Western Brooklyn was not always the sought after location it is today. Fortunately thanks to the love and compassion of Everette and Evelyn Ortner now neighborhoods like Park Slope are common place in Brooklyn Real Estate conversations.

When the Ortners moved to Park Slope in 1963 they fought hard to preserve its buildings, convince friends to buy rundown brownstones and raise money for neighborhood improvements. Some couples recall buying Park Slope brownstones in the 60s for around $25,000; these same buildings easily fetch upwards of $2 million in today’s market.

Recently a group of friends who were all coaxed into purchasing these delightful brownstones by the Ortners gathered to reminisce about the couple who both passed away this decade. The Ortners liked to joke about how much money they made their friends by convincing them to invest in these properties.

Thanks to the help of the Ortners we can all appreciate the beautiful buildings and tree lined streets that Park Slope has to offer!

Image and Article Source The New York Times [Read Full Article Here]

Clearly, should be first-rate place around.

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