Gimme Shelter: ‘Sex and the City’ star scopes out posh Sorting House penthouse

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Chris Noth, still otherwise known as Mr. Big from “Sex and the City” (even though the show ended in 2004), has been spotted looking at two- and three-bedroom apartments at the Sorting House.

That’s the spot at 318 W. 52nd St. where new luxury condos are being built on top of a working post office.

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WSJ: Brokerages Jockey for Wave of Brooklyn Residential Projects

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These are certainly exciting times for Brooklyn new developments as, according to the Wall Street Journal, a post-crash record number of new apartments hit the market. And HPDM’s managing director, Brendan Aguayo, sits at the helm of many of these upcoming projects.
“There’s definitely going to be more competition this year than there has been in this cycle,” said Aguayo. That will put pressure on the brokers and developers to distinguish their apartments “through the product itself or…marketing and advertising,” he said.

New York Post: developers are putting buildings on top of buildings


As the demand and pricing of available land continues to grow, developers are becoming more creative, building their new development projects on top of existing buildings.

Literally buildings on top of buildings.

The New York Post delves deeper into this new phenomenon, featuring HPDM projects 21W20, which was partially built atop an existing garage, and The Sorting House, described as the transformation of a functioning Post Office.